Adam Bocelli Success Story

“It’s all about peer to peer connection…the ability to connect with peers in a smaller intimate setting provides the ability to dig into details of strategy and customer experience like no other conference.”

Adam Boccelli, Director, Worldwide Warehousing and Logistics, IDEXX Laboratories


Adam Bocelli’s Story At A Glance:

Director, Worldwide Warehousing and Logistics, IDEXX Laboratories

First Year Attended: 2015

How He’s Participated: Speaker

One of the biggest advantages of LogiMed is that it's a small but quality conference

I really like LogiMed because it’s small…I like that you have so much one-on-one time with peers, I get a lot more out of that than I do at any other conference. The added bonus is that locations have been convenient for me.

In the medical device logistics circle we don’t have a lot of peers we can speak side to side like that. So being part of a panel with Sandra LeClerc (Boston Scientific) and Victor Machado (Siemens Healthcare) was great because I got more talk-time with them. But once you present on a panel it opens up opportunities for others to talk to you, which I really like.

When you get caught up in your day to day business and the anonymity of work, the ability to go to a conference that is

  1. Only two days
  2. And you are able to connect with peers

This is extremely valuable. I also believe that traveling with my team adds value because you can talk to more people, cover more ground and later, regroup on all that you’ve learned.

The exhibitors at the event were exactly the type I need to keep in mind for future strategic advancement for our organization

For example, I was really interested in the RFID focused solution provider. RFID has been around 10-15 years but there’s been a lot more progress in only the past couple of years. It’s nice to connect with a company that’s been focused on RFID development so when I am ready to sell it to my company, I already have a partner in mind that’s been there, done that.

The presentations were interesting not just on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.

There were a lot of presentations that left a mark but some were more personal than others. Examples being…

  1. As a consumer of healthcare, the presentation on the state of healthcare (Richard Bagley, Intermountain Healthcare), was really interesting and beneficial because it gave an economical perspective on the healthcare system.
  2. The presentation on emerging markets (Adam Boccelli, IDEXX Labs; Sandra LeClerc, Boston Scientific; Victor Macahado, Seimens Healthcare) because I handled that in Russia and Brazil

I also found that this this conference has a lot more talk around start ups and how to tackle those, which I thought was a very timely discussion.

I'm already penciled in to participate at LogiMed US 2018

In fact, I plan on bringing my team again. And this time, I'm thinking of scheduling a strategy meeting before and after the event so we can discuss what we've learned and really tie it all in.

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