LogiMed US 2018

March 06-March 08, 2018

Westin Buckhead Atlanta, GA


Day 2: Advancing the Global Supply Chain, and Driving Customer Experience to Support Top Line Growth

For All Attendees

7:25 AM - 8:25 AM Breakfast In The LogiLounge

Invitation Only

7:25 AM - 8:25 AM Women In Supply Chain Breakfast

Sandra LeClerc, Director Global Supply Chain, Boston Scientific


Sandra LeClerc

Director Global Supply Chain
Boston Scientific

8:25 AM - 8:30 AM Welcome Remarks

Marissa Alvord, Executive Director, LogiMed USA


Marissa Alvord

Executive Director
LogiMed USA

8:30 AM - 8:45 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Interested in showcasing thought leadership as Chairperson? Contact Alicia Upchurch at 646-200-7452 or alicia.upchurch@wbresearch.com to find out about how to get involved as emcee.

8:45 AM - 9:20 AM Keynote Panel | Advancing Customer Experience to Drive Top Line Growth

Nils Alstad, Director, Supply Chain, Cochlear Americas Chris McCall, Head of Supply Chain, Grifols
Supply chain leaders are constantly chasing cost. While cost containment is the key mandate of supply chain organizations, some leaders are focusing less on low hanging fruit and turning to driving revenue. How can you think outside of the box, what are the actual levers to drive revenue? How can you make supply chain operations more innovative and Uber-esque? How can you translate value to different types of customers? How do you segment your customer base and have different touch points for different types of customers? How can you work with sales to develop an SLA where you’re not under or overselling? Hear supply chain leaders weigh in on how they are evaluating where the business needs to grow, where investments need to be made and how to make things better for the customer, including:
•Segmentation and CX models for different types of customers
•Service offerings and extended warrantees
•Understanding macro-level challenges in hospital supply chains to deliver solutions


Nils Alstad

Director, Supply Chain
Cochlear Americas

Chris McCall

Head of Supply Chain

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM Case Study | Cleaning House, Ensuring Compliance and Serving the Latin American Market

Anthony Manganaro, Head of Supply Chain – Americas, bioMerieux
With OUS growth on the rise, many companies are looking to expand in Latin America, but for most, that’s easier said than done. When Anthony Manganaro, Head of Americas Supply Chain at bioMerieux took over Brazil, he inherited significant compliance issues and high risk. He went on a clean up mission to optimize the supply chain and ensure compliance. Anthony will shed light on how he:
•Conducted a network study to understand customer locations and business risk
•Understood how crisis teams operate and leveraged local knowledge on how and when to act
•Developed a flexible strategy and set up new leadership


Anthony Manganaro

Head of Supply Chain – Americas

9:40 AM - 9:55 AM Case Study Revolution | Overcoming Challenges and Expanding in OUS Markets

Supply chains move quickly and so does data. Companies across the industry are struggling to get value out of their data and many are looking to quickly onboard new technologies for fear of getting left behind. What does a digital supply chain look like? How will this impact the bottom line? Supply chain leaders will break down the buzzwords, from machine learning to artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things and share the impact of how these technologies will advance the supply chain.
Panelists will discuss:
•Why digitization is important and what you need to know
•Examples of how these technologies can improve supply chain management
•How to action the digital supply chain, including working with IT


Shree Chitale

Senior Director, Service Supply Chain

Trevor Miles

VP of Thought Leadership

Ruben Taborda

Vice President, Enterprise Hospital Customers
Johnson & Johnson

10:30 AM - 11:10 AM Energizing Morning Break

Grab a cup of caffeine in our LogiLounge and enjoy delightful treats! Don’t forget to network your way through our exhibit hall and learn more about our great exhibitors.

11:10 AM - 11:30 AM The State of the Medical Device Industry: Enabling a Smart Inventory System to Automate Field Inventory Management

Joe Pleshek, President and Chief Executive Officer, Terso Solutions
With the implementation of RFID solutions in both secure-access enclosures and mobile solutions, this session will outline lessons learned from three industry use-cases where manufacturers have found value in automating their supply chains. Joe Pleshek, CEO and President of Terso Solutions will examine RFID capabilities for tissue and tracking to comply with regulations, medical device management to eliminate waste and increase revenue, and consignment inventory management to gain real-time visibility and 100% charge capture rates.
These case studies will shed light on:
•The vital role that RFID plays in achieving real-time visibility of distributed inventory
•Why automating your entire supply chain will lead to fewer errors, leaner field inventories, and increased revenues
•The importance of understanding growing regulations, such as the UDI rule, and how RFID solutions can guarantee your compliance


Joe Pleshek

President and Chief Executive Officer
Terso Solutions

11:30 AM - 11:50 AM Case Study | Actionable Predictive Analytics to Reduce Operating Costs and Predict Future Income

Patrick Schenkel, Head of Business Intelligence, Supply Chain, Zimmer Biomet
The Zimmer Biomet integration created a lot of volatility, with few people understanding what was happening. The teams were using outdated supply chain models and over the course of two and a half years, they completely flipped the model on its head, now taking information from the bottom up, starting with the customer and building inventory accordingly to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and pre. Patrick Schenkel, Head of Business Intelligence, Supply Chain at Zimmer Biomet brought his retail industry A-game into his current role creating a new demand model to scrutinize customer demand and consumption to be more predictive. Through this work, supply chain now has a seat at the executive board and supports decision making.
Hear key successes and lessons learned, including:
•Implementing a predictive analytics approach
•Cascading dashboards to sales reps and executive leadership to enable decision making
•Reducing operating costs and increasing inventory turns


Patrick Schenkel

Head of Business Intelligence, Supply Chain
Zimmer Biomet

11:50 AM - 12:10 PM Case Study | Mastering ERP Implementation and Integration to Support the Business

Romel Rodriguez, Director, Business Operations, Getinge
Systems implementation, roll out and integration is one of the biggest pain points for device companies. When working with a number of third parties, hospitals, different geographic locations and different departments, the task becomes increasingly complex. What considerations must be made when rolling out an ERP system? Hear lessons learned from how one supply chain leader rolled out a new ERP system, including:
•Overcoming challenges of systems integration post acquisition
•Roll out across geographies and different functional areas
•Next opportunities for automation


Romel Rodriguez

Director, Business Operations
#1 Standardizing Processes to Manage the Complexities of Different Global Teams and Maturity Levels
Bob Sheppard, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Tecomet

#2 From Better Visibility to Global Expansion, Driving More Value out of 3PL Partnerships
Jon Wendt, Director, Distribution and Logistics, Stryker

#3 Advancing Global Trade and Getting Quicker Inventory Turns in Complex International Markets
Adam Boccelli, Director, Worldwide Warehousing and Logistics, IDEXX Laboratories

#4 Operating in Unpredictable Regulatory Markets, Including China
Jeremy Padmos, Director, Asia and Latin America Supply Chai, Interventional Segment, Becton Dickinson

#5 Leveraging Data to Drive Decision Making and Advance Supply Chain Strategy
Marvin Wu, Director, Global Supply Chain, Penumbra, Inc.

#6 Small to Mid-Size Company Focus| Streamlining M&A Integration With Minimal Disruption

#7 Leveraging Collaborative Robots and Automation to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency


Bob Sheppard

Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Jon Wendt

Director, US Distribution & Logistics Services

Adam Boccelli

Director, Worldwide Warehousing and Logistics
IDEXX Laboratories

Jeremy Padmos

Director, Asia and Latin America Supply Chai, Interventional Segment
Becton Dickinson

Marvin Wu

Director, Global Supply Chain
Penumbra, Inc.

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Lunch

Despite the technology available today, the industry still lacks full visibility into the critical medical supply chain. What are the latest mechanisms being used across the industry to improve visibility? How are organizations achieving greater integration and standardization? Hear from a manufacturer, provider, 3PL and service provider about the latest tangible methods to achieve visibility.
Panelists will discuss:
•How to make data available throughout the supply chain, including consigned inventory in hospitals
•Aligning people, process and technology to support supply chain visibility
•Leveraging data for a more predictive supply chain


Steve Huckabaa

Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Avera Health System

Sandra LeClerc

Director Global Supply Chain
Boston Scientific

Kevin McPherson

Vice President, Healthcare Solutions
FedEx Supply Chain

Dutch Vandersand

Director, Supply Chain
Integra Life Sciences

General Session

2:50 PM - 3:10 PM Optimizing Reverse Logistics Without Compromising Service

Dan Kavanagh, Executive Director Operations & Information Technology, Omron Healthcare, Inc.
Returns management is a part of every logistics program, though it has a greater level of complexity in medical device. What is fair game? What are the latest FDA requirements? How can you be confident in the ability handling a recall when products are being returned and resold? How can you minimize negative implications for your brand and profitability? Find out how to think like a retailer and optimize reverse logistics, including how to:
•Ensure customers are complaint with your processes
•Own the full process of reverse logistics
•Be compliant with FDA rules


Dan Kavanagh

Executive Director Operations & Information Technology
Omron Healthcare, Inc.

General Session

3:10 PM - 3:30 PM Case Study | Developing and Implementing a Control Tower for Increased Visibility and Beyond

Bo Manic, Director Supply Chain Control Tower, Boston Scientific
Inventory visibility is a core focus in most medical device supply chains. Bo Manic joined Boston Scientific in September 2015 to stand up a control tower function as a centralized opportunity to monitor the flow of products. Visibility, optimization and control guided his planning and now the control tower is a depository for all the information in the supply chain as a stepping stone to the journey of a fully connected supply chain to the customer. Bo will shed light on this journey including:
•How to build the control tower organization and the skillsets needed
•Results achieved, including inventory optimization and improvements in lead time
•Aligning with the digital journey, including the digital supply chain and digital health


Bo Manic

Director Supply Chain Control Tower
Boston Scientific

Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom

Chris McCall, Head of Supply Chain, Grifols
The Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom is your opportunity to connect and idea share with Heads of Supply Chain and supply chain leaders. Participation is limited to no more than 15 participants and discussion topics will include:
•How to become more strategic versus tactical
•Expanding the business in new global markets
•Career progression and life after supply chain
•What you need to do to be prepared for highly interconnected networks

Chairperson: Chris McCall, Head of Supply Chain, Grifols

Interested in a topic not listed? Share your ideas with Event Director, Marissa Alvord, marissa.alvord@wbresearch.com


Chris McCall

Head of Supply Chain

3:30 PM - 4:10 PM Sweet Treat Afternoon Break in the LogiLounge

We know our attendees are all smart cookies! Bite into our break and enjoy sweet treats while exploring The LogiLounge.

4:10 PM - 4:40 PM Device Specific Strategy Roundtables Part II

After two full days of in-depth sessions and breakouts, reconnect with your peers from your specific device categories, we hope you’ve done your homework! Over 30 minutes you’ll revisit your 3 focus areas and discuss the key takeaways you’ve gleaned. Determine 3 action items to revise your supply chain strategy to support your organizational objectives.

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM Case Study | The Ins and Outs of Health System Integration, Opportunities for Supplier Partners

LeAnn Born, Vice President, Supply Chain, Fairview Health Services
Provider consolidation is not a new story, in fact Fairview Health Services first experienced integration 20 years ago when it merged with the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics. LeAnn Born, Vice President of Supply Chain at Fairview Health Services has been through several integrations of various shapes and sizes, but the integration with Health East on June 1, 2017 brought about a number of new challenges and opportunities to support the integration of 32,000 employees and 2,400 affiliated providers. What does integration mean from a day-to-day practical level? How can suppliers be supportive partners that contribute to and benefit from consolidation?
Hear lessons learned and new best practices, including:
•Where and when supplier partners can provide optimal support
•Bringing people together and selecting best practices to support the forward strategy
•Outlook for the future and how the system will interact with vendors, the community and other healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care


LeAnn Born

Vice President, Supply Chain
Fairview Health Services

5:00 PM - 5:20 PM Case Study | Partnering with Customers to Improve Track and Trace

Dennis Black, Director, e-Business, BD
Supply Chain leaders are increasingly providing solutions to customers to improve overall customer experience. Visibility is a common pain point and one manufacturer tacked the issue head on. Hear the story of how one company designed systems to track everything being done and consumed by the customer, including:
•Determining key areas of focus
•Implementing the solution and providing training to staff
•Lessons learned and next steps for deeper collaboration


Dennis Black

Director, e-Business

5:20 PM - 5:40 PM Case Study | Leveraging RFID to Manage Device Inventory and Remove Waste

Steve Kiewiet, Interim Co-Chief Supply Chain Officer, BJC Healthcare
Steve Kiewiet, Interim Co-Chief Supply Chain Officer, BJC Healthcare set out on an RFID journey to better manage inventory and transition from expense upon receipt to expense upon consumption. Steve and his team started the implementation in the cath labs and is on course to complete implementation in all the ORs by the end of 2018. Steve will shed light on this journey, including:
•Systems selection and implementation plans across a network of 15 hospitals
•Providing data upstream around consumption and benefits to manufacturers
•Next steps for leveraging data beyond inventory management


Steve Kiewiet

Interim Co-Chief Supply Chain Officer
BJC Healthcare

5:40 PM - 6:45 PM Buckhead Bash

From San Diego to New Orleans to Austin and now Atlanta, we visit some great cities together! We’re celebrating our move to Buckhead Atlanta by sampling local favorites and enjoying a signature Georgia Peach Cocktail. Relax and unwind after a cerebral day with new connections and old friends.

6:45 PM - 6:45 PM Conclusion Of Day Two