LogiMed US 2019

March 19 - 21, 2019

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

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Mastering Supply Chain Management In An Evolving Life Sciences Landscape

Supply chain leaders in the life sciences industry face a lot of unique challenges. On top of operating in a patient-centric business environment, they also have to deal with increased pricing pressures and added legislative scrutiny. As a result, many are looking to accelerate processing times, reduce errors and complexity, and enhance visibility — order processing automation being a proven solution to accomplish these critical supply chain objectives.Learn about:Challenges to addressAdvantages of automationReal results from life sciences companiesYou will also explore how order processing automation works.

Applied Pressure: The Strains on an Ailing Medical Device Supply Chain

Our active and actively aging population is the dichotomy fueling significant growth for implantable medical devices. Innovations focused on mobility, engagement and quality of life are directly targeting this growing population. The implantable medical device industry is poised to capitalize on these unique needs, while simultaneously meeting unprecedented cost pressures. It is time for manufacturers to seek expertise in inventory management and logistics for greater visibility, control and profitability.

Structuring the Supply Chain for Growth

Click the image on the left to download now! Widespread disruptive change in the healthcare industry is forcing medical products manufacturers to take a fresh, critical look at how their supply chain networks must respond to cost pressures and shifting patterns of supply and demand. In fact, leading manufacturers are beginning to discover that network design is increasingly strategic in today’s healthcare environment. In this paper, Sedlak explores the overarching trends that are upending the healthcare supply chain; why a formal network design capability is becoming essential to medical products manufacturers’ competitiveness and growth; and how manufacturers can develop such a strategic capability to position themselves for success.

Eighth UPS Pain in the Chain Survey

Click the image on the left to download now! UPS has been surveying the healthcare and life sciences industry about supply chain issues since 2008.They started with a simple intention: understanding our customers’ needs so they could serve them better. Over the years, the survey has become a popular barometer of supply chain issues for the healthcare industry.The eighth UPS Pain in the Chain survey was conducted by TNS between April and June 2015.

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