Ruben Taborda Success Story

“This conference presents a collaborative opportunity to have hospital systems discuss and solve problems with their supplier community. I found the content to be very energizing, inspiring and it shapes us well to look for solutions to reduce costs in the overall healthcare system.”

Ruben Taborda Vice President, Enterprise Hospital Customers, Johnson & Johnson


Ruben Taborda’s LogiMed Story:

Vice President, Enterprise Hospital Customers,
Johnson & Johnson

First Year Attended: 2017

How He’s Participated: Speaker

I got involved to support my team but came away impressed with the timeliness of the content presented, the caliber of the speakers and the effort and sincerity of the organizing staff

Two of my team members (Rick Desmarais and Sasha Koff) had presented at the LogiMed conference in Europe and were presenting again at the US event. I decided to join because I wanted to support them and also, the location was convenient for me.

It was my first time at LogiMed and I came away impressed by the timeliness of the content presented and the willingness of the participants to discuss their ideas and strategies. It was the right kind of conference for my team at the right time.

You could tell that the quality of the conference was the direct result of the efforts of the WBR staff

to put on an event that was a true platform of information and collaboration.

There were a few technical difficulties on site but Marissa and the onsite team handled them like true professionals. As I mentioned before, I thought the content was timely but particularly the customer focused panel discussions really highlighted for my team what our customers really needed.

My overall experience made me realize that active participation at this event is an opportunity for my team to stay abreast of new technological solutions in the industry, to access ideas for strategy and to collaborate on efforts to drive the industry forward, in general.

It’s the reason why I’ve already joined the advisory board for another WBR conference – LogiPharma 2017

Part of my role at Johnson & Johnson is to develop not only medical device logistic strategy but also pharmaceutical replenishment. So I have a team that strictly supports pharmaceutical distributors. Helping Marissa put together the content is a benefit to me directly because my team can access the same opportunities that helped my team at LogiMed US.

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