LogiMed US 2018

March 06-March 08, 2018

Westin Buckhead Atlanta, GA




UPS offers world-class, healthcare-optimized global transportation, distribution and best-in-class information management. Every day, we move healthcare materials efficiently and safely through our flexible, integrated multi-modal transportation network and healthcare compliant distribution centers worldwide. We also provide top-tier regulatory expertise and offer medical device manufacturers specialized services in in vitro diagnostic supply logistics, surgical loaner kit processing, field inventory replenishment, improved visibility and inventory management controls. UPS has developed a network of thirty six FSLs in the U.S. to reach the majority of hospitals within four hours in addition to its broader network of healthcare compliant distribution facilities. At UPS we live by the motto: “It’s a patient, not a package®.” Our aim is to ensure that your product reaches the right patient, at the right time and in the right condition for the best possible patient outcome.

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